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Letter to the Editor:

My husband and I have recently had another baby . She is a wonderful baby and we are very happy to have welcomed her into this world. She was diagnosed with a medical condition and  requires surgery . Because of this issue her immune system does not work as well as most people , and we are very careful using hand sanitizer , washing hands , not allowing people who are showing signs of cold of flu into our home and not allowing people we don't know to touch her .

To our family all these things make 100% sense .

Since we still need to live our everyday lives and need to go around town to do simple things like shopping DURING COLD AND FLU SEASON , I cannot believe how many people think it is O.K to walk up to our cart or stroller to touch our children . COMPLETE STRANGERS!!!!!

We would love more than anything to share our baby and show her off and let people hold her and admire her , as people do with all babies , But where are your manners . We are tired of asking people to "please not touch the baby" and being ignored . 

In fact , we were told to not bring our baby into one store during the christmas holidays by an employee that we had asked not to touch the baby. She informed us that if we didn't want people touching her she should stay at home . That employee also had a cold at the time. 

We did most of our shopping on-line after that and really don't take the baby anywhere now, because if the ignorance  Which is really a shame in a city that claims it's where life makes sense!

We do get that we will not get rid of all the germs but that aside Why do people think they have a right to touch and grab at children they don't know ? If you are one of these people stop and think before you reach out . Are you going to compromise the child's health ? Maybe scare the child/ children as you are a STRANGER?

If the child is in danger or needing assistance that is one thing ,

ask if it's O.K to touch the child  don't just assume that it is .

Brandine Allen

Swift Current,saskatchewan






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  • Marysa
    March 13, 2013 - 17:00

    I agree..I have the same problem. DONT TOUCH MY BABY