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Trent Wagner - Managing Your Money

Too much of a good thing? Information isn’t knowledge - You can get it if you want it – everywhere! Information, that is. And these days many consumers turn to social media and other electronic sources for information and guidance. But are Twitter, Facebook, blogs and websites the best places to get what you need? When it comes to sound financial and investment information that reflects your life and your goals, the answer may be “no”. Here’s why. It’s so easy Having an abundance of information at your fingertips is great -- but there are also many risks. The top risk: Is the information reliable? You key in your investment-related question into a search engine and bingo – pages and pages of websites to choose from. And while that’s impressive, it’s also a problem. Now you have to sort through a mash up of unfiltered, unverified sources – and that can be a lengthy and frustrating process. It can also lead you to an abundance of poorly researched or woefully incorrect information. And that can lead you to make decisions based on false evidence or ideas that are not in the best interest of you and your family. It’s so not you Whether the information you source is correct or not (and most of the time, it’s tough to tell) one thing you can count on is this: That information may not properly take you into account. You’re getting wallpaper info not personal advice. You are you – an individual with a unique life, characteristics and goals that change and evolve over time. So even…

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Scott Anderson - A little Boost

Resolution time - If you haven't yet broken your 2014 New Year's Resolution, or if you haven't made one yet, the first week of Swift Current's Centennial year might be a good time to resolve to make a positive impact on yourself and your community.The turning of the calendar is a traditional time to make obvious resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, and to save money for something special. These are all worthwhile endeavours, and people should be saluted for the willpower it takes to tackle these personal goals.In an era of big screen televisions and tablets and high speed internet, it is easy to get out of the healthy habits we often should be striving for.The year 2014 might be a chance to include one simple extra resolution in Swift Current - make a difference in your community.This could be a simple one-time gesture of goodwill like shovelling your neighbours sidewalk or picking up blowing garbage on your street. It is not too hard to buy a coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru, and certainly one of Swift Current's more endearing qualities of simple kindness.You could also think about making a difference by working as a volunteer, getting out to support the many cultural and athletic activities as a spectator, or making a conscious decision to shop local instead of making shopping excursions out of the region.If you do not have the time you can certainly make a financial contribution to your favourite charity or cause, as many organizations and agencies regularly have to…

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