Pisiak proves that hard work pays off

Steven Mah
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Swift Current native Kevin Pisiak is walking tall following some recent impressive results at the 2008 Novice Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Classic held in Swift Current earlier this month.

Swift Current native Kevin Pisiak is walking tall following some recent impressive results at the 2008 Novice Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Classic held in Swift Current earlier this month.

Pisiak finished in first place in Master's and first place in Welterweight and subsequently finished second overall in show by points.

Pisiak, 46, is a six-year veteran of bodybuilding, and explained what first motivated him to get into the gym and on stage.

"I went to my first body building show and saw a guy from Estevan named Colin Kresse who stepped on stage at 52 and I couldn't believe how he looked. I thought if he can do it I can do it."

Pisiak explained the draw of bodybuilding.

"Body building is a sport where it has to come from within. You can't buy a bigger carburator or a bigger motor. The guy with the most money does not win in this sport. The guy that spends the most time in the gym and is dedicated, puts the time in, gets a good trainer, listens to their trainer, usually will walk away a winner."

The individual aspect of body building appeals to Pisiak, but you also need some help along the way he explains.

"You cheat at the gym and you are only cheating one person and that is yourself. Secondly you are cheating your trainer because they are trying to help you. They take you to an event, which the Capelles did and they expect the best. They expect the best from you and you expect the best from them. They give their best and I give my best and it showed on the stage."

Pisiak also explained that no competitor can succeed without dedicated workout partners, an understanding girlfriend, and family members who allow the world to revolve around them while they diet, eat, train, and sleep.

Pisiak credited much of his success to his two trainers who took him on only five and half weeks prior to the competition.

"I train with two of the best trainers in Saskatchewan and probably Canada I think in Lyris and Ryan Capelle. They know their stuff. I had been dieting myself and it was a big gamble for them. They knew me from around town and they knew I worked out hard. But to take me on at five and a half weeks out was a big risk. They didn't have me for 20 weeks so they didn't know how I was progressing on their diet and workouts so they stuck out their necks."

For Pisiak it was the first, but certainly not the last time that he will work with the Capelles.

Pisiak contributed his ability to diet down and remain healthy to a pair of great trainers and pointed out that no members of Team Capelle were hurting the next day.

Pisiak also pointed out that a smaller centre such as Swift Current is fortunate to have such qualified trainers who he believes are now in high demand from bodybuilders across the province including larger centres such as Regina and Saskatoon.

Pisiak also enjoyed being on stage in front of the sold out home town audience.

"The Swift Current show was absolutely fantastic. Sellout crowd, you couldn't have asked for any better. The crowd was amazing and what was nice about it was that the crowd wasn't loud just when the Swift Current people were on. There were people from out of town that got cheered just about as loud or as much."

The sport of bodybuilding may have some negative preconceptions associated with it but Pisiak disagrees with those who question it.

"I think bodybuilding is a healthy sport, you are at the gym you are getting in shape, doing cardio. People that are into bodybuilding know that it is a sport of extremes. We spend a year or 10 months bulking up, we hit the gym lift hard, lift heavy, we eat lots, we eat tonnes of protein. You sit in front of a plate of food for 45 minutes just to eat it because you are sick of eating. You chew, sip, swallow cause you have to get it down. Then when you are all done and it is time to get ready for the show you start dieting. I dieted down to 3-5 per cent body fat and absolutely felt great."

The next bodybuilding event in the province will be the Saskatchewan Amateur Bodybuilding Associations provincial championships on June 7th in Estevan. Pisiak will not be competing this year but will be on hand to volunteer as well as the Capelles who will have several trainees in attendance.

For more information on provincials or bodybuilding visit www.sabba.net.

Organizations: Saskatchewan Amateur Bodybuilding Associations

Geographic location: Swift Current, Estevan, Welterweight Saskatchewan Canada Saskatoon

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