Elmwood aiming to attract younger members

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The Elmwood Golf and Country Club held their Annual Meeting on Dec. 12th at the Elmwood Club House. Some of the main topics that were discussed included the Young Adult Membership (19 to 29 years of age) for $499 and the Young Executive (30 to 39 years of age) for $800. These memberships came from the information we received from our Membership Survey that we sent out in October 2011.  The results of the survey were 99 per cent in favour of members being concerned about the declining membership numbers. From the results of the survey we decided to try and attract new members in the above age groups.

Right now Elmwood has 351 Adult memberships, a significant decrease from its high 10 years ago at 388 Adult Memberships. This is a drop of 37 members or (nine per cent) of Adult Memberships and these new memberships we are hoping replenish the younger membership base.

Last season Elmwood had two members in the (19 to 29 age group) and 30 members in the (30 to 39 age group). This we feel is an important demographic and we are trying to attract new players to the sport by offering these age groups a lower rate.

Through our Board of Director meetings we felt that we needed to reduce this rate, as many people in this age group have small kids, student loans, and are working long hours and can’t get away as much as they would like to golf. This age group (19 to 39 years old) on average plays about 15 rounds of golf per the RCGA Handicap Network.

Elmwood Adult Members over the last 10 Years:

2002 - 388; 2003 - 386; 2004 – 363; 2005 - 381; 2006 - 373; 2007 - 363; 2008 – 339; 2009 – 382; (implemented the new member rate) 2010 – 376; 2011 – 351.

The overall financial numbers for the Elmwood Golf Club for 2011 was very good, however, not as good as the record breaking year in 2010. Only having 15 holes for a month due to the flooding that occurred really put a damper on memberships and green fees for 2011. However, the Restaurant, the Lounge and the Pro Shop did exceptionally well this season.

Elmwood Profit over the last 10 Years:

2002 - $29,294 loss; 2003 - $5,461 loss; 2004 – $1394 profit; 2005 - $26,917 profit; 2006 - $38,427 loss; 2007 - $63,156 loss; 2008 - $20,544 loss; 2009 - $68,327 profit; 2010 - $113,308 profit; 2011 - $71,797 profit; 2012 - $60,000 budgeted profit.

"We went thru a bad stretch from 2002 to 2008 which resulted in five of seven years of net losses for the Elmwood Golf and Country Club," noted Sheldon Reinhart General Manager and CPGA Golf Professional. “The banks were not jumping at giving us a loan but now we are looking very good financially and have got our head above water after three profitable years in a row."

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