Volleyball camp gets early start

Steven Mah
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WOOFF Volleyball Camp

Some local volleyball players were getting a jump-start to the upcoming season last week.

The WOOFF Volleyball Camp is a long running camp is run primarily by the coaching staffs of the Swift Current Comp. Senior Colts and Ardens volleyball teams as well as former players.

“The turnout is pretty good this year,” explained Colts head coach Dan Andrie. “We have a little over 100 kids this year. Last year it was about 100 as well, so we are pretty happy with it. We split up into four days, instead of two days like we did last year. This year we had the younger group going the first two days and the older group going the second two. There was a little more space in the gym, which was nice. We have about 50-60 kids per session.”

Andrie said that the camp was comprised mostly of kids from the Swift Current, Waldeck, and Wymark areas.

“But we do have a couple of out of towners who are coming from as far as Moose Jaw and Mossbank to the east and I think we also have a girl coming from Medicine Hat or Edmonton or somewhere in that area coming too.”

Andrie and his fellow coaches were keeping it simple with the younger group.

“We always like to stick with the basic skills for the young group because you can never go wrong with the basics, your simple passing, your setting, your hitting techniques. We also try and incorporate a little bit more teamwork play. A little more than just one touch on the ball, trying to get two touches, three touches in groups. We also get them to scrimmage as well so they get to play the game.”

He said that the older group was working on some more advanced areas of the game.

“The older group is more strategic stuff. Strategic drills where it is gameplay situations and a little more advanced techniques that you can utilize during the games. They are scrimmaging tonight as well, which is good that they get to play the game. But we like to focus more on strategic aspects.”

Andrie said their were a couple reasons to run the camp each summer in Swift Current.

“It is a big fundraiser for our school volleyball programs. We are able to gain some money for the teams who go over budget with tournaments. We are also able to use that money to get extra stuff, whether a uniform rips or we need a new set because they are falling apart and it is not in the budget yet. Or even from a new net that we need at the school or even helping with some community volleyball stuff.

“The other reason is for the kids. We want them to get out there and get active and get ready to start the volleyball season. Also just to build that skill base. Hopefully when the kids go through this, they remember and try and absorb as much as possible so they can build on it throughout the year,” he continued.

The camp was recently renamed after longtime Senior Colts volleyball coach Brian Wooff.

“It seemed like the right thing to do because he really built the program here in Swift Current for a while.”

Andrie, who hails from Moose Jaw and played for the Central Cyclones, recalls playing against Wooff for a lot of years.

“I remember him being a good coach, good motivator. Everybody around here in the volleyball community really respects him and appreciates what he has done. We figured it was the right thing to do to put his name on the camp.”

Geographic location: Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Wymark Mossbank Medicine Hat Edmonton

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