Voters against Integrated Facility can be heard during election

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Since many of us are against the Integrated Facility we need your vote.

Like myself, I will only vote for council candidates if they indicate their opposition or need for discussion with the public and more debate.

The city has left us all in the dark regarding cost and how we can pay for it without sky rocketing tax increases, why we need each facility and costs to maintain. etc.

The survey and forums were slanted toward proceeding with this project. Understand the July forum opened with "no comments, questions or presentations will be allowed (many left after this message), sticky notes are available for comments".

What can you say on a small sticky note. The Sept. forum only allowed for 30 second comments for those against. How can one get a point across in this time?

Census figures for the last 40 years indicate an increase in population of 88. The last 40 years indicate an increase of 756. WHOOPEE!!

The 25,000 figure being preached is only a pipe dream and won't be attained in our life times, if ever.

The communication link with city hall also needs to be addressed in this election. It is now impossible to get information.

If you agree  PLEASE VOTE.

Glenn Daniels - Swift Current

Geographic location: Swift Current

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Thanks for voting!

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Recent comments

  • Craig
    October 16, 2012 - 13:31

    As I had said in my response to the other letter, a vote for any existing city council member is a vote FOR this money pit. The only chance of shutting this down before our taxes have to go through the roof to pay for it is to put new people in place who will, hopefully, have more consideration for spending taxpayer dollars than the current bunch does. We need a city council that puts needs before wants. Something not seen in this city in a very long time.