Raising questions over multi use facility location and amenities

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I recently gave some thought to the newly proposed Multi-use School/Pool/Library/ etc. our city is entertaining. Although I believe the idea of such a facility would be very good for our city and I applaud the people behind the idea I do have a few questions:

1) Is the proposed site to the far North-East end of our city, although close to both #4 and the Trans-Canada Highway, which would be good for busing students, the best location for all users?

2) Would a location closer to the center of our city be a better option and more centralized and accessible to all users?

3) Would a more centralized facility be more cost efficient for busing students?

4) Would building on one of our present older school sites and then demolishing a more viable option in order to accommodate a more centralized facility?

5) Are Libraries in the future going to be as they are now with the internet and info being so readily available from your own home or office?

6) If present Library models are very possibly going to down sized in the future, would it not be more viable to just leave it in its present location, at least for now until we know for sure the direction future libraries are going?

7) Should the Aquatic Center be added to the Comp in a different location and then either demolishing the present facility or renovating it into the new Library?

I have written this letter partly because I am curious as to whether these options have been looked at, but also to hopefully cause a buzz to get the “opinions out” from the citizens of our city and surrounding area. Since the project was announced it seems there has been very little discussion and we really need to take all users concerns and obviously total costs into consideration to get something the city can be proud of for years to come for all users.

I did not write this letter to hamper or slow down the project or projects in any way so I apologize in advance to anyone I may of offended, but I really just want what is best for everyone in an around the community.

Andy Beattie - Swift Current

Geographic location: Swift Current

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  • Paul
    January 11, 2012 - 17:16

    The city appears that it couldn't care any less about anyone's opinions. If they did this whole project would be put to a proper vote by the taxpayers here instead of being rammed through. Just take a look at the projected city spending over the next couple of years if you don't believe this is a done deal.