Lac Pelletier resident concerned about emergency access and lot assessments

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In 2012, the only road into and out of the north end of Lac Pelletier was blocked with snow. There was only one other exit out of that end of the lake. This was two half-lots owned by the Regional Park and they were being used as a road. We heard they were going to sell these lots and asked members of the board how people were going to get out of the lake in case of an emergency if the road blocked. No response.

They ended up selling one lot, which cut off that exit from the north end of the lake. I’m sure it is illegal to build a house with only one exit, so how can the Park Board think they can get away with not providing us with a second escape route? To this date I have heard nothing of a plan to build another exit.

My second complaint is the way the lease rates are applied. On Mar. 31 we received a notice of our increase in rates. This is the second one in three years and both were a 30 per cent increase.

At the annual Park Board meeting, John Froese was asked why two increases of 30 per cent. His response was, that’s for the privilege of being at the lake. Good response from the president of the Park Board.

Next we have a meeting about the change in the road allowance on Elim Dr. We are told that the cost to us will be $1100 for a survey and $1500 for extra 26 ft. of lot on our lease. They sold the lease on the half-lot that closed our road for $2000. This lot is 35 ft. by about 110 ft. Our extra footage varies from 65 x 26 to 32.5 x 26 ft. for two lots and 40 x 26 for three lots.

Checking into this, I find you can get a personal survey for $800, not $1,100.

At this meeting I asked John Froese to go back to the board members and have the $1,500 assessment changed to a per-foot basis, and also the $300 lease to be changed to a per-foot basis. He told me at that meeting he would, and I asked him to get back to me. I never had any response back since that meeting.

The funny thing about this whole thing is John Froese, president of the Park Board, has a 65 foot lot and thinks it’s fair for the people with 32.5 foot and 40 foot lots to pay the same as him. Great for him with the 65 foot lot.

This meeting was early April and on April 28 I had heard nothing so I sent an e-mail to one of the board members to have it passed on, as all the board members weren’t at the original meeting. I was assured this was done. On June 15 I sent another e-mail, as I had not heard back from the first one. This was also passed on to the members.

This is now Sept. 27 and still no response from anyone on the board. I think people can see why it’s so frustrating trying to deal with this matter. My final comment is Ailsby’s and Camp Elim assess their lots by the foot, which is fair. Why does the Regional Park not do this in the same fair manner?

Organizations: Lac Pelletier Regional Park Board

Geographic location: Lac Pelletier

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