Cabinet shuffles hide ministers without changing philosophy

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It seems the federal Conservative Party and provincial Saskatchewan Party operate in much the same manner, which is not a positive.

The Saskatchewan Party's recent cabinet shuffle was more about hiding scandal plagued ministers, like Norris, and underperforming ministers, like McMorris, than any real change in philosophy. Not that this strategy was new to the Conservatives, who initially tolerated Bernier's loose handling of confidential documents, among other dishonest and incompetent ministers.

Now comes news that Bev Oda is stepping aside. Perhaps after the Conservatives told her she would not withstand a future cabinet reshuffling? This may not even have made the news, had she waited for her demotion, hidden as a reshuffling of ministers. One does have to ask the Conservatives why she was not let go on news she was willing to spend thousands of taxpayers dollars, to upgrade to a hotel where she could smoke in her room, rather than take the walk to the curb. Or spend $16 to have a glass of juice "room serviced". Why not do it at the time the Conservatives first “found out”? Especially if her demotion was imminent. Rather than wait until after we've all but forgotten the original indiscretion? But we all know the answer. One also wonders how many times she’d abused tax payer dollars for her own lavish lifestyle, and bad habits, before this one publicized event?

Brad Wall is really just a friendlier version of Harper. Ignore controversy. Don't deal with it at the time. Even when obviously unethical, or at least lacking judgement.  However, both are smart enough to remove the controversial Conservative/Sask Party member prior to the next election, or at least demote them away from the public eye. Too bad that the Oda experiment will cost taxpayers $50,000 to $70,000 a year in her MP pension. Too Harper did not own up to the unacceptable behaviour and publicly do this months ago. Then again, the minimize now, hide later policy is working quite well for both of them. Until some of us start to do the math, and realize there are an awful lot of conservative ministers (federal or Sask Party) who seem to make bad decisions, to the point their party will fire or demote them. Eventually.

Nick Henselmeier - Saskatoon

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  • conservative not Conservative
    July 06, 2012 - 15:49

    Burn! Harper gets called out for dishonesty! Double Burn!! Wall gets lumped in for his Harperish ways!