Letter: Liberal Party lacks direction and leadership, MP Anderson

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Ralph Goodale’s recent letter once again highlights the federal Liberal Party’s enduring lack of direction. He writes that ‘government must not only create the right conditions for economic growth, but also ensure that growth is sustainable and will finally help struggling middle class families succeed’. If this is his dream he should leave the Liberals. He knows that is exactly what has been, and is being, provided by the present Conservative government of Canada.

Our policies have brought Canada through the worst economic uncertainty in 70 years in a way that has provided for sustainable economic growth and has put Canadian families in a better position than families in almost any other country in the world. Justin Trudeau could not even define ‘middle class’ this spring and certainly has never been part of it. The nearest he gets is when he visits with the mechanic who works on his Mercedes.

The Liberals were booted from power for two reasons: Because of corruption and for having lost touch with Canadians. The list of Liberal MPs dropping in on Saskatchewan recently reads like a list of the former Liberal government – Goodale, Easter, Dion, Fry. This is not a revitalization, it is a rehash. Trudeau himself said last May that “The biggest problem was that we... started thinking more about ourselves than we did about Canadians”. It is the same crew out selling the same old platitudes, which will provide the same old results.

The national media and the Liberals made a big deal of them coming to Western Canada. While those of us who live here understand that this area is now the economic heartland of our country, for federal Liberals this comes across as a visit to a strange land, concerned only about exploiting it to get to power. If they were serious they would be saying the same things in Western Canada that they say in the rest of Canada. They descend on Western Canada like vultures coming to pick the flesh of western Canadian voters and then fly away.

Justin Trudeau is a failure as a leader. It is clear that his leadership offers far more risk to Canadians than benefit.

How can Canadians take seriously someone whose greatest admiration for government is reserved for the Communist government of China, a government that has killed more of its citizens than any other, ever, and which continues to deny basic rights to its citizens?

His excuses for the Boston Marathon bombers indicate his moral confusion about terrorism. That was again highlighted recently by his defence of his visit to a Wahhabi mosque identified as a recruitment center for Al-Qaeda.

Recently he was asked in a scrum what is the biggest threat to global security. The answer was not ‘terrorism’ or ‘the ongoing instability in the Middle East’ or ‘Russia’s ambitions in Ukraine’ or ‘the economy’.

His answer to the question was that, ‘The biggest threat to global security is the kind of violence and misunderstanding and wars that come out of resource depletion, economic uncertainty, concerns of lack of hope for generations growing up in a world that is getting smaller and seemingly less and less fair.’ That was what he said. The best he could come up with in his own news conference was a disjointed series of stream of consciousness platitudes that make no sense!

Canadians deserve better. Mr. Goodale needs to be more honest with Saskatchewan. He is well aware of Mr. Trudeau’s limited qualifications and capacity.

He knows that what he is asking for is not a better government just a different one.

MP David Anderson - Cypress Hills – Grasslands

Organizations: Liberal Party, Conservative Party

Geographic location: Western Canada, Saskatchewan, China Middle East Russia Ukraine

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  • Gary Peters
    September 05, 2014 - 20:48

    I hope the people of Swift Current and area are wise enough to see through Mr. Anderson's tirade. He represents his party to his constituency, he does not represent the local population in any respect. Speaking of respect, he has very little of that for constituents as well.