Letter supports MP Anderson's stance on Israel/Gaza

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The following is a response to the Letter to the Editor written by Ray Friesen (MP Anderson challenged to explain Canada’s position on Israel/Gaza) in the August 14, Southwest Booster.

Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.

MP David Anderson is a ‘righteous gentile’ in his efforts to stand against appeasement of the terrorist group “Hamas” or the descendants of Esau, the squatters and conquerors, who have siphoned off the ancient lands bequeathed to the ancient 12 tribes of Israel in accordance with the Abrahamic blessing or covenant with our creator(biblical) which is eternal.

The moral clarity and vision of the Harper government is consistent with regard to the right of the Sovereign democratic government of Israel to defend its borders defined from ancient times although diminished as land is leeched by the fabricated land of “Palestine”. Canada stands the test of time as she shields the innocent people of Israel from anti-Semitic rhetoric and heavy handed tactics. This land has been bombarded with a siege of missiles from this demonic force that seeks to obliterate her from the Arabic held lands of the Middle East. Israel has never built any illegal settlements yet sends leaflets and announces incoming missiles in advance and sends time lines of military intervention on social media so citizens can gain safe haven. Why is Israel the most militarized zone per capita on the earth? Her country is the most persecuted and vilified therefore defence is of the utmost importance. This land is militarily prepared since the genocide of her people in WWII.

The son of Hamas leader, Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hassan Yousef, Westbank Gaza leader, denotes their “worship of death” in their ideology as they do not seek co-existence. He left their group and condemns Islamic terrorism.

The Christians or infidels, with our Judeo friends, the Israelis, are the target for conquest. Our nation should abhor this blood lust and never compromise our principles of freedom as opposed to perverted victimization which is the mandate of this rogue entity.

The Hamas terrorists use the children of the country as human shields in their cowardly stance to advocate and vilify the Israelis. They offer the most innocent of the land to perpetrate a nefarious scheme to demonize the Jewish populace and advance their agenda. The group Hamas and its counterparts of ISIS (an ancient goddess) a strange name for a monotheistic group, Hezbollah and the Moslem Brotherhood all seek to create a genocidal hatred against the Jewish people. I would like to denote a terrorist organization does not have the right to defend itself as they are the perpetrators of genocide and criminal assault upon their victims. They will reap the punishment due to evil acts against the innocent.

Israel defends against attack just as Canada would if assaulted by thousands of incoming missiles. If Canada started a mindless war with a sovereign nation I would garner retaliation would be our just punishment. Why would we glorify Desmond Tutu as a form of deity who holds the Holy Grail on apartheid? Prime Minister Harper is the adult in the room along with MP Anderson in the wisdom of truth.

The parallel of apartheid is further anti-Semitism perpetuated by those persons blind to evil and its unholy attire. The Palestinians have never owned this biblical land except through war and marauders. Israel became a nation in 1312 B.C.E., 2,000 years before the rise of Islam. The Babylonians, Romans, Arabs and various cultures overran the territory yet the Jewish brethren always returned to their Yahweh anointed inheritance.

The name “Philistia” was christened by the Romans in their hatred of the Jewish populace to obliterate Israel’s name thus the caricature “Palestine” which is no relation to the biblical “Philistines” which Hamas seeks to emulate.

I point these references to denote the error of the writer in his admonition that Palestine is an actual entity justified through historic account. Canada has always come to the assistance of those unjustly oppressed. I notice the writer uses terminology such as apartheid, unilateral, innocent children and so forth in an attempt to continue the anti-Semitic stance and coalesce the scenario just as the Nazis did in the European genocide of the Second World War. The veterans, if still alive, most would strip the writer of his fallacies and unseemly piece of rhetoric which perpetuates the Shoah or suffering of the Jewish people. The writer surely realizes six million Jews with 11 million victims all together were exterminated in this genocide. I wonder how many were children? One million innocent souls paid the ultimate price because of inflamed words with no concept of consequences.

I pray the “Oscar Shindlers” of this great Canadian land never fall into the abyss and negate that which our pioneer fathers fought to the death against. My relatives fought in this war and gave their lives to halt that which the writer seeks to justify.

Anti-Semitic behaviour and attacks are on the rise on a global scale due to media sources that perpetuate error and spew false information. The Christians are also being attacked by the offshoots of this group in Iraq with genocidal hatred. Where is the den of thieves the U.N. now, in defence of Christianity as it prepares to investigate Israel on trumped up charges of alleged war crimes in Gaza? The point being first one group singled out then others in succession as the hatred envelopes all opposition to radical Islam.

Mr. Writer, I conclude, your moral compass is definitely not true North and rests with a mindset in sync with a Ms. Friesen who was banned from Israel for 10 years as a security risk. I wonder why the news outlets in this part of the country failed to inform the populace as the information is in the public domain. You seek to promote anti-Semitism with false information quite in step with Nazism when they exterminated the Jewish people and engaged in a propaganda campaign before the final solution of WWII. A heart wrenching thought. I envisioned and recall a young pregnant Jewess running within a line of her people, naked, as the Nazi officers shot them all and tossed their broken bodies into a mass grave. The image stays with me from footage of actual WW11 film. I wonder, Mr. Writer, do you want to be responsible for perpetuating false information that could mean life or death to the innocent?

Barbara Olsgard - Gull Lake

Organizations: Hamas, Hezbollah, U.N.

Geographic location: Israel, Canada, Gaza Middle East Iraq Gull Lake

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Recent comments

  • Rachelle
    August 30, 2014 - 19:00

    Dear Ms. Olsgard, You seem to hate it when people use religion for political gain and to justify violence, I guess I have to ask: have you become what you hate?

    • B.A.Olsgard
      September 08, 2014 - 00:43

      Dear "Ms.Friesen", please identify yourself as the woman who was banned from Israel as a security threat if you choose to comment on this article. I stand by my commentary with my surname. In the words of St. Augustine of Hippo: The truth is like a lion; you don`t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.

    • B.A.Olsgard
      September 08, 2014 - 00:44

      Dear "Ms.Friesen", please identify yourself as the woman who was banned from Israel as a security threat if you choose to comment on this article. I stand by my commentary with my surname. In the words of St. Augustine of Hippo: The truth is like a lion; you don`t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.