Fee structure concerns at Lac Pelletier still not addressed

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On Oct 31/13 I sent a letter to the Booster about the way the Lac Pelletier Park Board does business.

Their were three things in that letter I had requested. Number one was why we had received two leases fee increases of $300 each and one for $800. Number two was why these increases weren't applied to the size of our lots. If you remember I explained that the 32.5 foot lots and the 40 foot lots were accessed the same increase as the 65 foot lot. Number three is on Sept. 9, 2013 I personally handed Bob Stennick a letter requesting these smaller lots be accessed per foot. I was assured this would be looked at, but maybe not at that meeting but at the next one. I also asked to be informed about the out come. This is now  April, 2014 and still no response. I guess this Park Board feels they don't have to answer to the lease holders. After all the past president told us these things were all initiated for the privilege of being at the lake.

My next complaint is the flood which comes through our lots on Elim Dr nearly every spring. I bought my place in 1981 and we have been flooded nearly every year. A few years ago the park put in a 30" culvert behind us to handle all the water that comes out of the hills around us. In 2008 I took pictures of the flood and a neighbour presented them to a park board meeting. No one on the board seemed to know this happened nearly every spring. And nothing has been done since to prevent it from flooding us out again and again. This spring the water ran through at least five lots and flooded our crawl spaces. At one time I had as many as four pumps running in my crawl space and couldn't keep up. I called the new park coordinator to check this flooding out. But when did he come out to look? At the end of the day when it cooled off and the water quit coming over the road into our yards.

I once again asked him what we get for our lease fees and his response was the same as before. It's for the privilege of being at the lake. Bet you can't guess who made that statement.

We at the north end of the lake in the park get absolutely nothing for the lease fees we pay. There are at least 24 lease holders at the north end of the lake in the park. I would think it's about time they did something to for people other than raise the fees. I would bet the people in the camp ground feel the same way.

Doug Sherman - Lac Pelletier

Organizations: Lac Pelletier Park Board

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