Saskatchewan budget does not slow resource drain

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Putting too many of our eggs in the basket of non renewable resources leaves us vulnerable to the unpredictability of the powers playing the international stock market. Big money investors recognize a challenge in the provincial costs of health, education, clean water, senior care, etc. They can’t realize maximum returns when such costs are priorities in the localities they are operating in, so they have financial incentive to undermine or destroy social considerations. Keeping the resource markets in turmoil accomplishes that and can be reflected through austerity measures of local budgets. Self admittedly industry is in pursuit of an impossible dream of endless growth. That impossibility is simply because the Earth only has limited resources that can be exploited. Once the resources are gone so is industrial growth. We don’t have to accommodate, today, every nasty, soulless, multinational robber that promises us visions of grandeur if we just hand our resources over to them.

Dwindling resources only increase in value making it prudent to conserve those resources for the prosperity of our future generations.

There are logical, environmentally sound, locally applicable, labour rich alternatives in renewable resources that the entire world is embracing with increasing enthusiasm. Yet here in Sask. we appear stuck in a prehistoric age of, industry motivated, environmental destruction while conscientious people are trying desperately to maintain, minimal, social structures we have come to expect as a benefit of our civilization. Our society recognizes value in protecting our abundance of clean water, a healthy environment to live in, uncontaminated food plus respectful living conditions for our elders and Veterans whose hard work and sacrifice gave us the ability to make these decisions.  

What really is success and prosperity? Can it possibly be found in the total, rapid consumption of our non-renewable resources and the interrelated destruction of the environment that necessitates? We don’t have to live in constant response to stock markets that routinely trash societies. Why would we sacrifice our future generations when we can see the dead end in this out of control economic vision of Industry? It is a tunneled vision that holds only money and power as the measurement of success and prosperity. There are better measurements such as respecting the health and longevity of life on Earth. Surely there is common value in caring for one another and the environment we all must share now and into the future.

Greg Chatterson - Fort San

Geographic location: Saskatchewan

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  • kJ
    March 30, 2014 - 12:26

    Perhaps the NDP idea to reevaluate resource royalties was not such a bad idea. While Saskatchewan hopes to turn a $70 million surplus at best, Potash Corp alone continues to run profits in the billions, even in a bad year. A mere one percent royalty hike would have been enough to wipe out half the deficits Wall has rung up, and turn him from a one hit wonder, to a solid premiere. The resource companies of Saskatchewan are turning huge, repeated profits while Wall has had only one real surplus. No one is saying chase them away, but a one or two percent royalty hike would leave these companies still profiting in the billions, but allow Saskatchewan to balance its books, and put a little away for the future, or improve bridges, roads and sewer, the boring stuff.