Anderson argues Liberals flip-flopping on income splitting

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Contrary to Scott Brison’s assertion, our Conservative Government remains committed to introducing income splitting for Canadian families. The Prime Minister reaffirmed this in the House of Commons recently when he said, “… we think income splitting would be an excellent policy for Canadian families, just as it has been an excellent policy for Canadian seniors”.

The only flip-flop on this issue has been the Liberal Party. Mr. Brison’s leader, Justin Trudeau, told the CBC’s Evan Solomon in December, “I think that income splitting is a decent idea.” Now they have backed away from that position – for today anyhow.

While the Liberal Party has opposed every tax cut we have introduced and is now opposing income splitting, our Government remains committed to our election promise. We have already reduced taxes over 160 times, reducing the federal tax burden to its lowest point in 50 years and saving a typical Canadian family of four nearly $3,400 on average per year. Income splitting will increase these savings further, leaving even more money in the pockets of young Canadian families. For this we make no apology.

MP David Anderson, Cypress Hills – Grasslands

Organizations: Liberal Party, House of Commons

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Recent comments

  • Gary Peters
    March 23, 2014 - 06:54

    This government under Stephen Harper has shown it cannot be believed in anything it says. It is the meanest, most deceitful ever in this country. It has no compassion for anyone who isn't already rich. This program has been shown to benefit only those who already make a lot of money.

  • Hensel
    March 19, 2014 - 15:14

    Now news Flaherty has resigned for personal reasons, aka Conservatives decided to rid themselves of the MP who gave them the headache of the public fear they were going to axe the much anticipated tax break for families. A relatively cheap and easy to institute alternative to paying for universal daycare eh?

  • skeptic
    March 10, 2014 - 03:46

    Anderson is spouting pure BS and he knows it! "Income splitting" has nothing to do with the "Liberals" and the only reason this is an issue, is after promising it for years, once the budget was "balanced" the CONservative finance minister mused he may not do it after all. This is a huge blow to Conservative family voters, who would be better able to support a stay at home mom with income splitting, and had been reasonably expecting that Harper and Flaherty would stick to this core promise. Either this is another example of an individual Conservative MP (Flaherty) speaking out of turn (and alarmingly so) or this was a planned "trial balloon" to see if they could get away with reneging on this income losing promise - they obviously cannot, so will blame the other guy!