Deep spending cuts needed until Swift Current is debt free

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I fully support the position of Don Robinson’s letter in the December 19th Southwest Booster. He has summed up the city’s financial situation nicely. Now it’s time to demand more responsibility of our elected officials.

If the taxpayer in Swift Current is to be made to absorb a potential huge tax increase over the next six years and lose the “Swift Current advantage” of the City Light and Power revenue then the taxpayer should also expect to see city council do its part with deep cuts in its spending habits over the same time frame. Deep cuts means sticking to the necessities and abandoning big ticket items on the “want list” for the foreseeable future until we are debt free and have cash on hand to spend.

I realize such a plan means a number of “pet projects” the current tax-and-spend-city-council has, that only benefit a small minority, need to get axed – for now. I’m sure most of the residents here would rather have their street repaired (not patches on patches) and decent snow removal for all of us over such things as a running track and amphitheatre or relocating a number of services to the Northeast corner of town.

It’s time to face the fact it is unrealistic to expect the same amenities here as found in a city 10 or 20 times our size. It’s time to face the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees and the taxpayer doesn’t have endless supplies to keep paying for misguided spending. It is extremely rare to find anyone who gets annual increases to their wages to even keep up with inflation yet city council thinks nothing of eight percent or more annual tax hikes that go well above the inflation rate.

It’s time for city council to buckle down and make the hard choices to properly manage and exist within our means like all responsible budgets do and higher levels of government have been doing the last number of years. It’s also time to come clean and admit that the city has a spending problem and have had that problem for a number of years now.

Complaining after the fact only ensures more tax grabs in the future! We as a community need to be more proactive on where and how are tax dollar are spent.

Bart Busse - Swift Current

Organizations: City of Swift Current

Geographic location: Swift Current

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