Reform Act benefits local riding associations

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I voted for David Anderson as my Member of Parliament and he has proven to be an excellent and trustworthy MP. Indeed Mr. Anderson promised to remove the monopoly of the Canadian Wheat Board and fulfilled this mandate. I trust my local MP. It is for this reason that I am hopeful that he will support the Reform Act introduced into House of Commons this week.

This Bill would be the most significant piece of legislation passed in Canada since the Constitution Act of 1982. This Bill is not about discontent with our Prime Minister, it is fixing an issue caused by Trudeau in 1970 that has morphed into a paralysis for elected members and is causing our country harm.

The Bill essentially returns the nominations of our party candidates to the local riding associations. I am much more inclined to trust my neighbours in selecting my potential representative than some unelected staffer possibly from another region of the country working out of a leader’s office.

The harm Trudeau’s changes have caused has stymied meaningful debate; this is unacceptable in a country as complex and diverse as Canada. The last significant national public policy debate was about free trade in the 1980s. I urge all riding members to engage your local MP on this important issue and urge him to support it because we support him.

Jason Dearborn - Eatonia

Organizations: Canadian Wheat Board, House of Commons

Geographic location: Canada

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