Green Party of Saskatchewan questions ongoing subsidization of Cameco

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The Green Party of Saskatchewan wants to know why the Wall Government is still subsidizing Cameco. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently reported that Cameco owes $850 million in back taxes. And just recently Canada and Kazakhstan signed an agreement to jointly invest $200 million to develop a uranium conversion facility capable of feeding 40 nuclear reactors in Kazakhstan.

If uranium is profitable, then Kazakhstan should be able to build a uranium conversion facility without Canadian tax dollars. Why are the hard earned dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayers being used to build an expensive uranium conversion facility in Kazakhstan? This is not right. Saskatchewan people do not pay taxes so that our governments can squander that money in risky foreign ventures. Cameco’s back taxes should remind all Saskatchewan people that the uranium industry would not exist without government subsidies. If we cut uranium subsidies, this industry will die a natural death. The Wall Government should sell its shares in Cameco and urge the federal government to stop using our tax dollars for risky foreign ventures.

Victor Lau - Leader of The Green Party of Saskatchewan

Organizations: Cameco, The Green Party of Saskatchewan, Canada Revenue Agency

Geographic location: Saskatchewan, Kazakhstan, Canada

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Recent comments

  • hensel
    December 07, 2013 - 13:56

    Brad Wall's Saskatchewan is one where Cameco and PCS are guaranteed profits and protected from takeover, but able to layoff 1,000 employees and keep high paying jobs in Chicago to maximize profits, all while Wall and the #SaskParty continue to run large deficits, $600 million this year alone, before the massive PCS layoffs!

  • hensel
    December 07, 2013 - 13:28

    And now news that PCS laid off 1,000 workers, about 500 in Saskatchewan, while paying a generous dividend to shareholders. Way to go Wall, you went to bat for them, but they are laying off employees despite consistent big profits and still have many high paid employees in Chicago, not Saskatoon. Worse still, PCS president Doyle didn't even have the decency to come and talk to Lanigan employees in person! A few hundred were laid of via "broadcast". Perhaps because Doyle was actually in Chicago? Brad Wall likes micromanaging corporate Saskatchewan, but doesn't seem to benefit the province, with another $600 million deficit, despite self proclaimed "booming" companies, now laying off employees. At least the NDP tried to truly protect Saskatchewan workers! #SaskParty #NDP #PCS Perhaps Doyle could explain why he had to broadcast a few hundred layoff notices, rather than have the decency to show up in person? Seeing as #BradWall was so good at taking credit for PCS success, perhaps he can also take credit for them letting down 500 Saskatchewan workers, to improve already generous profits? #potash