Concerns raised over lease fee structure at Lac Pelletier

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Two years ago at the annual general meeting of the Lac Pelletier Regional Park Board the question was asked why we had two 33 per cent increases in our lease fees. We were told by the past president that it was for the privilege of being at the lake. Two days later we had a meeting with John Froese and the park lawyer and the cabin owners on Elim Dr. to discuss the change in the road allowance. We were told it was going to cost us $1,500 for the added lot and $1,100 for the survey. Because there are different sizes to the lots at the road side and also different sizes to the lots on the lake front I made a motion to have the frontage lease and the new addition to be charged out by the foot . There was a seconder and it was passed. I then asked John Froese if he would take this back to the board. I was assured this would be done.

Over the past two years I have heard nothing about a change to the lease fees for these smaller lots. Over this period in time I have sent at least three e-mails about this situation to a board member to have it sent on to the rest of the members To this day I have heard nothing about this motion ever being looked at. There are 40 foot lots and also some 32.5 foot lots. The rest of the lots are 65 foot with some 75 foot and one 109.95 foot. The park boards seems to think it is far to charge everyone the same fees. At this time our lease fees were $1,200 so divide 1200 by 65 foot lot and you get $18.47 per foot. Now apply this amount to each lot by the number of feet they have.We feel this is the far way of charging each person there lease fees. If you take a 65 foot lot and 32.5 foot lot the 65 is getting twice the lot for the same lease fees. On the 40 foot lot the 65 foot lot gets one-third more lot for the same lease fees.

On Sept. 9, I personally talked to the new president Bob Stennick before their monthly meeting about a rumour I had heard about a large increase in the lease fees for the Regional Park. I was told by him he knew nothing about any large increase in the fees. I then handed him a letter once again asking that the lease fees be charged out by the foot. He told me they had a full agenda that meeting but he would look in to my request and bring it up at the next meeting. I have heard nothing to date.

The next thing I get in the mail on Oct. 22 is my 2014 lease fees which just went up $800. That is a 66 per cent increase over last year and still no mention of my request to have lease fees being charged by the size of your lot. I have checked with Camp Elim and Ailsby's leases and they charge there lots out by the foot. This seems to be a big chore for the park board to see that it's the fair way to go.

In the same envelope I get a letter requesting that the cottage owners start an association to formalize the nomination procees. We had two cottage owners on the board. As far as I can see the park board does exactly as the want and don't listen to anyone else anyway. So why would we want to put money into something that is going to get the same response from the board as always.

Doug Sherman - Lac Pelletier

Organizations: Lac Pelletier Regional Park Board

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