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This is in response to the Southwest Booster Sept. 22 letter by Mr. and Mrs. DePauw.

The following are excerpts from our reply to a letter received in the Swift Current Pro Life office from Mr. DePauw:

Dear Mr. DePauw:

Thank you for your response to our mail-out regarding the Life Supporter index. I assure you that none of the churches gave us their membership lists, nor did we ask churches for them.

Having worked with women who have experienced abortion as well as Saskatchewan organizations that work in the healing process for women who made their decision for abortion, these women tell us that they wish they had known more before they made that decision. These group are Silent No More and Rachel's Vineyard.

I'm sorry you took offence to what we are trying to do in order to try and get legislation for parental consent for minors seeking abortions, as well as information to be given to those asking for abortion.

Your name will not be put on our Life Supporter index.

Swift Current Pro-Life Board of Directors


Being Pro Life is not a religious issue, as there are non-Christians who also support our cause.

Being Pro Life is a social justice issue that everyone should be concerned about when freedoms and values we hold dear are being taken from us on a regular basis.

Each individual has a right to hold his own philosophic beliefs, but human life is defined by examining the scientific facts of human development.

Being Pro Life is our response to the Culture of Death emanating from a lack of respect for human life in society today.

This lack of respect for human life has resulted in ending of lives by abortion on the pre-born, infanticide for those already born, the threat of euthanasia on the elderly and disabled, abuse and all other types of violence reported by the media.

The intention of the letter was to have figures available to inform those members of the legislature who request these figures, as to whether 50 per cent, 75 per cent or more of the silent majority support the pro-life position. Our conjecture is that some MLAs require these figures to assure our support in the next election.

In hindsight, our letter should not have stated: "If you wish not to be counted as a Pro Life supporter"…but should have stated "If you wish to be counted as a Pro Life supporter". Our apologies for this error.

Muriel Nielsen, President Swift Current and District Pro-Life

Geographic location: Saskatchewan

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