Black Berry still a reasonable option

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I feel media claims of Black Berry's demise are greatly exaggerated. Yes, they will lose money this year, but made money last year and every year for a decade or so. They had many one time costs, like developing at least four great new phones, including my Z10 which I love. I also believe a larger Z30, with huge screen, is out soon, but you'd never know, because despite being a proud Canadian company, the media would rather fall all over itself to tell us about the new iPhone S, plus, R or whatever slightly better update warrants a few hundred dollar increased cost.

BB makes great touch screen phones. BB makes great keyboard phones. Many tech analysts will actually tell you the BB 10 operating system is more polished than the Apple, or Android systems, as entirely brand new. Having spent a lot to develop, and release, the Q10 for traditional fans, Z10 for us touch screen fans, Q5 for entry level markets and now Z30 (may or may not be out) for those wanting a jumbo screen, for sure, this year, sure they lost money. But as a strong company, they had money in the bank.  

BlackBerry makes good products. And it's time for us to support a Canadian company.

Nick Henselmeier - Saskatoon

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Recent comments

  • Conrad
    November 15, 2014 - 17:25

    Also, news that Samsung is paying BlackBerry for help with security on its phones is a big vote of confidence that when it comes to smart phone security, BlackBerry remains the worldwide leader

  • Conrad
    November 15, 2014 - 17:23

    The new BlackBerry Passport looks like a great business phone for small business. A couple coworkers have been upgraded and I'm jealous. Especially for women with a purse for their phone anyway, this is near Galaxy sized but way more practical. Also seems super solid. Definitely would recommend Passport as the new premiere small business or work phone. Though Q10 perhaps more practical day to day as messaging power house.

  • Conrad
    September 14, 2014 - 11:55

    Funny that the public is again inundated with new iPhone "news". It appears Apple has finally made a larger Z30 sized phone and is now copying the Android watch. For users who want a reliable, easy to use phone, I suggest BlackBerry. I love my Z30, it has had awesome battery life often a couple days of use before battery life was cool, beautiful large HD screen, and super reliable easy to use software and love the GPS. If people love iPhones that finally are almost as good as BlackBerry it's time for BlackBerry to remind us all the Z30 is one great phone. And the Z10 remains as "step up" from the 5s, but for free!

  • Conrad
    October 31, 2013 - 22:15

    Just got a BlackBerry Z30 on Telus and love the phone. Actually like it more than the over rated iPhone it replaces. Battery life way better and super intuitive to use. Took 2 days to master.

  • Conrad
    October 11, 2013 - 19:21

    I love my BlackBerry and will buy another, maybe this new Z30 when it comes out. Lucky I don't have a lot of loyalty to Rogers - agree, coverage for Rogers poor in Sask - better on Ontario trips.

  • Hensel
    October 07, 2013 - 22:11

    It appears the Black Berry Z30 release date is Oct. 15 th in Canada. Not sure if that will be the same for SaskTel, but is for Telus, Future Shop and Best Buy. Here's hoping the booster and other Saskatchewan media outlets let us know when the flagship new BlackBerry comes out. Buy Canadian! Plus I hear it's a really good phone.

  • Waiting
    October 07, 2013 - 21:38

    I am a former Black Berry user, switched to a so called smart phone (Android) a year and a half ago but can't stand it. Waiting for my two year opt out, then switching back to SaskTel Mobility and getting me a new Q10. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Though Henselmeier hits the nail on the head, all this media trash talk ain't helping confidence in Black Berry. Good to know they've got a few billion in reserve until us frustrated grown up trying to use Android switch back to Black Berry. Sure a lot of other users of plain old cell phones who would do well with a Black Berry but will be frustrated beyond belief with Android. Or trying to get Rogers reception more than a couple minutes out of Swift!

  • BlackBerryFan
    October 06, 2013 - 20:35

    Dan, assuming you mean Q10, names are confusing, guess the point is we all know we have a BlackBerry. I liked the name Bold better. Anyway, I also love my Q10. Sweet phone.

  • BlackBerryFan
    October 06, 2013 - 20:34

    Looks like this is the BlackBerry fan board and rallying point? Well count me in! I love my BlackBerry and I'm happy I stuck with the company as my girlfriend's Galaxy has been buggy and my Q10 is great. The keyboard is so much better for texting and email, to the point this comment, and most of what I do is now from my BlackBerry, which is way more efficient than waiting for the PC to turn on... in fact, racing right now, PC still booting up, BlackBerry, comment submitted, now on to checking my sweet new NFL ap. Also, Dan, assume that you mean Q10, no such thing as Q30 and Z30 not out yet, but soon. BlackBerry's two downfalls: 1. Cheaping on commercials, so no one knows when new phones out, Rogers sure isn't telling us! 2. Silly names. I like the "Bold" or something easy to remember. Q/Z ?! Recommend the BlackBerry 10 operating system to anyone. Super reliable. Phone is bullet proof in its case. Just like their lame commercials say, it keeps me moving! Okay, now the PC is good to go, so could have legit typed this out, but still, BlackBerry is awesome, time to let everyone know we're proud of this great Canadian product! The same way the consumers who spend $500 a year to upgrade iPhone colors do!

  • Jrock
    September 28, 2013 - 22:40

    I love my Z10 too. Solid phone. Sounds like the Z30 is even better. Time for BlackBerry to put some of its $2.6 Billion in cash into some solid commercials. Let everyone know the company isn't going anywhere and they've still got cash in the bank. Far better phones than the junk Nokia I upgraded from

    • Dan
      September 30, 2013 - 14:53

      My Q30 rocks. An email and text machine and great screen. BlackBerry is making better products than ever and better phones than iPhone or Android. Agree time to ramp up the PR

  • Hensel
    September 25, 2013 - 18:57

    Perhaps I should directly ask the Booster to let Canadian customers know when the new BlackBerry Z30, with a massive 5" screen, superior build quality to Samsung and Windows Phone and slim profile is ready? Perhaps I should ask all Canadian media to cover and test the Z30 for themselves, with the same excitement they covered a few pastel colour options for an uninspired iPhone update? As Dallas points out below, with media coverage of BB always related to negative sales figures, ignoring innovative new product, it just may be customers don't know about the wide range of innovative, well built BB products across all market segments? Thanks Hensel

  • Dallas
    September 24, 2013 - 17:30

    Couldn't agree more. Love my Z10. My wife may get the large screened Z30, as she was looking at Samsung, which is cheapy. Didn't even know a new BB Z30 was coming out. Too bad a new iPhone colour is a huge news event, but actually new products from a Canadian company? Nah. That's not news! Now, with Fairfax financial offering for BB, looks like investors see a long term value here too. And didn't know until Henselmeier's letter they still have cash in the bank. Would never know from the doom and gloom media reports. Loving my BB. Wish others would try their great Canadian option before settling for less dependable Samsung!