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I share the breathless excitement MLA Donna Harpauer has for the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) pilot project to investigate using black-box technology to monitor motorcyclist’s riding habits. She says, “... it essentially lets the driver control their own insurance rate through their driving behavior.” Down the road, riders of the wired-up bikes who avoid hard braking, sudden swerving, speeding and rapid acceleration could be eligible for lower insurance rates.

Bikers should applaud this “groundbreaking technology” that will presumably also record their successful efforts at eluding leaping deer, cars trying to crowd them into a ditch, or that pair of oncoming semi’s popping two abreast over a hill. And of course we expect the black-box has the capability of recording for the authorities, any rider getting aboard wearing only Bermuda shorts and a pair of flip-flops.

Electronic monitoring technology could be the dawn of a wonderful brave new world of lower insurance rates, not just limited to motorcycles. Think of it; black-boxes and cameras installed in cars could lower rates by monitoring and discouraging the cell phone texting, burger eating, make-up applying, shaving, web-surfing, dozy or conversationally distracted multi-tasking automobile drivers.

And by logical extension, savings on SGI insurance could go way beyond vehicle premiums! Electronic monitoring of resident’s behavior in the home could also mean lower premiums on residential package policies. The mind boggles at what dicey domestic shenanigans could be curtailed for the benefit of all insurance purchasers.

So I say to heck with weak-kneed worrywarts and their namby-pamby concerns about this pilot project leading to the erosion of privacy and civil liberties – bring on the savings! “If you’re not doing anything wrong anyway, what do you have to worry about, eh?”  

As Minister Responsible for SGI, Donna Harpauer says, “Simply put, those who drive responsibly pay less and those who don’t pay more.”

Wait a minute! Don’t we have the necessary information to do that already? It’s called a driving record.

Doug Bone - Elrose

Organizations: Saskatchewan Government Insurance

Geographic location: Saskatchewan

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Recent comments

  • Ryan
    June 24, 2013 - 00:22

    Sarcasm sometimes doesn't come across well on the interweb.

  • Big Brotha
    June 18, 2013 - 13:30

    Seriously? Why not install these sensors in every automobile and truck as well? How about recording every purchase of cigarettes and booze so that the government health insurance can track that as well? May as well get Dairy Queen to tell the government about an ice-cream purchase or triple-whopper hamburger purchase?