Stance on police versus photo radar non sensical

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The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is normally a pretty common sense organization. So it was very disappointing to see how far from the path of sensible thinking their Prairie Director wandered in his latest missive to the Southwest Booster (May 23 edition).

In it Craig castigated the Provincial Government for opting to use photo radar rather than police officers to nail drivers who speed through construction and other caution zones. Brilliant! We should have a fully trained cop sitting in his cruiser at every site where this concern applies. I don't know about Saskatoon and Regina, but for most, if not all of the rest of our province, the police are spread dangerously thin already. We certainly can't pull more officers from their normal crime fighting duties to monitor all the go-slow zones we have throughout the province, especially during our short, busy summer.

Of course cameras are not as immediate as a police officer backed up with his/her flashing light bar, but the end result is the same. It sounds to me as though Craig is most concerned about the size of the fine than the fact of how and when it is applied.

As Craig said, we are talking about the risk to life in the most serious instances; wouldn't raising the level of the fine be the sensible way to go as a deterrent? Loss of money, the more the better, is the best way to go in combating the morons who speed through caution zones. The wasteful use of our scare police officers is not!

Craig also threw a fistful of red herrings in the mix when he mentioned such factors as another person driving the offending car, the mail being so slow, and the immediacy of the offending driver's receipt of the ticket. Silly. Silly. Silly.

The owners of the vehicle is responsible for anything that happens concerning said vehicle. The long-standing gross incompetence of our dear Canada Post would be a better windmill for the CTF to tilt their verbal lances at than photo radar. While it is assuredly more memorable to be ticketed on the spot by someone complete with uniform, et al., he/she still only serves the offending moron a piece of paper. This isn't Mexico. Our cops don't accept cash at the scene.

So Mr. Craig, I suggest you find more worthwhile targets at which to point your lance.

Bryan Foster - Herbert

Geographic location: Saskatoon, Regina, Mexico Saskatchewan

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