Wall on the anti-senate bandwagon

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It is interesting that Brad Wall is now calling for the abolishment of the Canadian senate, after previously being a supporter of senate reform. Also interesting that the local media is giving him ample coverage, which equates to free publicity, rather than talk to the NDP candidates, who have always been for the abolishment of the senate. But Wall, not Broten is the media darling.

Brad Wall is adept at "reactionary" policy. He waits until public opinion is very one side on a topic, like our general dislike of escalating corruption in the senate. He then jumps in, and spear heads a push to do what all of us wanted to do anyway. Kind of like how he was the crusader, against the BHP takeover of PCS. He gained a lot of positive PR points there too, but didn't really add anything; all the other provincial politicians were also against the BHP takeover, as were the federal NDP and Liberals. From the get go. And it wasn't Wall's opposition that swayed Harper, it was the 90 per cent of Saskatchewan voters who said "no" to surveys on BHP taking over local hero PCS.  Harper flip flopped his initial "yes" position when polls showed he'd lose up to six seats if he allowed the take over.

The benefit of Wall's reactionary approach, is the majority does get their way. But it seems that if Wall was so against the corrupt senate, something he has little power over anyway, he could have been championing calls for its abolishment two terms ago, when he was elected.  Rather than waiting for it to be the cause of the day. There in lies the problem. Wall rarely seems to have a plan. And Saskatchewan will always be playing catch up, if we wait for issues to arise before Wall takes a stand. For the record, Wall was a strong supporter of senate reform, and was completely silent on Harper's flip-flop on senate reform. Wall has been an ardent Harper supporter, and should have called Harper out on not following through with senate reform years ago. But, now that the senate is not popular, Wall has decided to side with the majority.  Throw in the "I don't like them either" voice, and oddly, gain PR for just agreeing with the populous, on something he doesn't have much say in at all. You don't need to be an NDP supporter, but the NDP has to gain some points for a clear, consistent policy that they do not feel the senate is necessary. And they've said this all along, actually turning down a senator's desire to sit under the NDP banner, not just after it became the politically popular thing to do.

Too bad Wall didn't proactively elect senators, like Alberta, in which case we never would have had senator Wallin in the first place. "Vote for Brad Wall, we're not sure what our platform is yet, but as soon as something is trending in the media, we'll be there to support that policy!"

Nick Henselmeier - Saskatoon

Geographic location: Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

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Recent comments

  • Dallas
    May 28, 2013 - 16:18

    I think we should encourage reform over abolishment, as I'd hate to think Harper would benefit from lack of a sobre second review of his policies, if the senate is abolished largely because of Harper and Wall's bad judgement of character! Kind of like STC going down hill under Wall's watch, and Wall now having a reason to cut STC service, with a potential sale of this vital rural link!

  • Dallas
    May 28, 2013 - 16:17

    I believe Wall not only didn't elect senators, but actually endorsed Wallin. I agree it's odd that Wall is gaining PR points, when he actually contributed to Wallin's appointment in the first place! I don't understand why Wall didn't elect senators, when other provinces, I think actually BC and Alberta do.