Capitalism promotes unequal distribution of wealth

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I am responding to a letter in defense of capitalism by Chelsey Thomas in the March 7 edition of the Southwest Booster.

Capitalism is an economic system that promotes an increasingly unequal distribution of wealth.

A Canadian example – The wealthiest 10 per cent of families held 53 per cent of the wealth in 1999 states author Steve Kerstetter, a social policy analyst and former director at the National Council of Welfare, and the poorest 10 per cent average wealth adjusted for inflation actually declined by 28 per cent from minus $8,031 in 1970 to minus $10,656. In 1999 Kerstetter added.

It should be obvious the great natural wealth of Canada is not spread equally, and never will be under Capitalist greed.

Even with Canada’s bountiful natural resources, food banks will be part of the landscape for a long time. Or should I say ‘till hell freezes over’.

Henry Neufeld - Waldeck

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  • dwayne thompson
    March 30, 2013 - 20:56

    "Capitalism promotes unequal distribution of wealth." Henry, Henry, Henry. I am assuming, that, with your past invovlement with the NFU you must be a farmer.Why would you slam Capitalism. If you sold even one bushel of .grain, or a hog, or a cow ,a chicken or any other commodity you grew or raised, you are a capitalist That being the case, you should be sharing your wealth. Dwayne Thompson