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I am writing to respond to Nick Henselmeier’s letter of Jan. 28, regarding provincial funding to the University of Saskatchewan.

The University of Saskatchewan is one of the cornerstones of our province. We take pride in the research, academic programs and alumni who have been instrumental in building our province.

This government supports the University of Saskatchewan, which plays a significant role in the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth. Its graduates will be the catalysts for the continuing success of Saskatchewan.

We want people to know that this government has never reduced operating funding; in fact, the University has continued to receive record operating funding. We have increased operating funding since 2007-08 by 46 per cent, to $304.5 million in 2012-13.

We have also provided capital funding for many projects including the Academic Health Science Building. The province has already provided $213 million for the project and the University has been approved to borrow $71.7 million. We will work closely with the University to ensure completion of the building and the renovations that are needed.

The University of Saskatchewan is a symbol of success in our province and we are committed to its long-term sustainability.

Don Morgan - Minister of Advanced Education

Organizations: University of Saskatchewan

Geographic location: Saskatchewan

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Recent comments

  • Dallas
    March 02, 2013 - 15:44

    The Sask Party has tied the U of S's hands. They force them to expand to meet election promises, but don't fund them enough to pay for what the Sask Party promised. As well, the U of S stills scores poorly by any objective measure, when is compared to other medical-doctoral universities elsewhere in Canada. Bad Sask Party leadership. Bad U of S leadership. Bad results.

  • skeptic
    February 16, 2013 - 21:00

    Yeah Don Morgan, where is your response to JURSI's question about why the U of S med school has the worst exam pass rates in Canada? 1.You're quick to point out the funding you pump into the school, as misleading as your statements are 2. So you probably should take some responsibility when the results = worst in Canada 3. Probably should fire the "leaders" at the U of S who got you into this mess, eh? 4. Maybe we should ask Don McMorris, the previous incompetent Health Minister why he didn't help out? Years ago, medical students and residents both brought concerns about medical education to him. His solution? He quit and now is screwing up highways!

  • jursi
    February 12, 2013 - 19:07

    It scares me silly to be attending Canada's worst medical school (as evidenced by our lowest in Canada exam pass rates). The worst thing is The College does not seem to have learned anything. Too bad us all being scared senseless and studying our butts off will make them look good when we all pass the exam. Too bad a simply pass is an accomplishment at the U of S. Too bad they forgot to tell the last decade of med students at the U of S they had a problem passing the exam and needed to buckle down. Rae telling us in first year medicine that we were one of the best medical schools in Canada was just down right dishonest when stats show we rank dead last and were well below average for the decade before. Where is Don Morgan's response to the horrible exam results from the U of S med school? And the DAC that sits around and does nothing is not helping med students right now. I want my library open past 6 so I can study in the small amount of spare time I have after clinical.

  • Hensel
    February 08, 2013 - 18:27

    I should also throw in that the new Academic Health Sciences building was not something medical students ever asked for, and is largely needed because the Sask Party promised in their first election to jack up med school enrolment to 100 from 60, to address the need for family physicians. Too bad they only added 6 additional family medicine spots (4 in Swift) to accommodate the additional 40 students. Too bad this is stressing the already underperforming medical school. Too bad the support from the Sask Party is not enough to even cover the new building to stick the classes of 100 that do not physically fit in any of the existing lecture theatres. The Sask Party and Don McMorris are bad for health care. Throwing money at problems (like the $300 million annual nearly 40% nursing raise), rather than realistic short and long term solutions (like adding a couple family medicine spots a year and perhaps a 10% increase in medical school enrolment - ie sustainable - by working with residents and students!)

  • Hensel
    February 08, 2013 - 18:23

    Skeptic, thanks for the support. And to the minister, you may not have cut funding from one year to the next, but for over $70 million of expected funding to suddenly be declared a "loan" that the U of S owes back... well that's creative accounting to hide your annual deficits at best, and a dishonest claw back of promised funding in actuality.

  • skeptic
    February 07, 2013 - 23:29

    1. You mandated increased enrollment at the College of Medicine, promised funding ~ $300 million and then at the last minute, decided a third of that was a "loan"? The U of S being allowed to "borrow" for a project you promised in an election, and forced upon them, when they were struggling with lesser enrollment, an increase to 100 students for no real reason.... not a real leadership position from the Sask Party. 2. Symbol of success? With Canada's worst medical school in academics? 3. Research? Didn't the U of S get flagged for that in the whole medical school probation thing? 4. Doesn't Maclean's still rank U of S among Canada's worst large universities?