Staffing impacting Care Centre care

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The outside world is busy shopping for Boxing Day specials but in the Swift Current Care Centre, we are waiting. Waiting for what? Some of us are waiting to have our beds made; some of us are waiting for baths; some of us need personal attention. All of us are desperate!

We are so short-staffed that there aren’t enough hands to get things done. It even impacts on our food, which means by the time the food is served it is cold and loses the flavour it once had.

Our present lean staff needs roller skates to get everywhere they need to be but even then there wouldn’t be enough hands to get things done. It would be a real eye-opener if some of the higher-ups would close their offices and come to the Care Centre, not to observe, but to pitch in and help. Perhaps, then, they would understand why we are desperate and need more staff.

Remember, everyone, God willing, you, too, will grow old and perhaps need a home like the Care Centre. Now is the time to correct this deficiency and add to the staff to help them and to help us live out the rest of our days comfortably and happily.

Martha Wymer - Swift Current Care Centre resident

Geographic location: Swift Current

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