Services resuming at Maple Creek Hospital following water leaks

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Through extensive efforts from all the staff based at the Maple Creek Hospital and assistance from its private and public partners, the Cypress Health Region has been able to make progress on the re-implementation of some programs and services available at the facility.

Due to some roofing infrastructure material issues and the resulting penetration of water inside a number of locations within the building, the health region had to temporarily disrupt the normal operations last week to complete a number of corrective measures to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and the general public. As a result, there has been a revolving availability of acute and community health-based programs at the facility over the past several days.

With the primary emphasis on ensuring patient and staff safety within the facility, a number of actions were undertaken and corrective measures put in place by the on-site planning team of front-line staff, medical team members, and health region managers. Decisions were dependent on the weather conditions and resulting factors associated with the rainfall received on specific days. A summary of the actions are included below:

- A number of programs and services were temporarily disrupted at various times – acute admissions, xray services, on-site community health/home care/public health, some of the laboratory-related procedures. Alternate plans were put in place for some of these programs to allow for ongoing patient and client care.

- Main front entrance to the facility was unavailable due to the issues associated with water penetration – temporary access to the building was made available via a south entrance into the Primary Health Care clinic area. Assistance from the Town of Maple Creek was provided.

- Laboratory equipment moved from its existing location to an adjoining area to ensure that a limited set of services and procedures were available to assist with medical diagnoses. Exploratory work being completed to determine the potential presence and extent of moisture in the walls – this will determine if the laboratory can return to its original location.

- Alternate laboratory testing equipment transferred to facility from other locations in the health region – iStat machines brought in to assist with point of care testing to assist with diagnosing patients facing emergency situations.

- Discussion with other health regions to determine the temporary availability of a portable xray unit to assist with a limited range of xray services.

- Private contractor has been on-site daily and over the weekend to provide clean- up and remediation services – removed affected building materials damaged by the water leaks, redirected water leaks so that it could be captured and removed, installation of dehumidifiers and fans to remove the moisture from the building, removed ceiling tiles in a number of locations to identify routes of water entry, installation of physical barriers within the internal environment to seal off areas of concern, and proactively applying chemical cleansing to retard the potential for growth of mold-related issues associated with the water leaks.

- Private contractor on-site over weekend to perform air quality testing, determine if any issues relating to the presence of mold or asbestos-related particles in the air environment – results have come back negative.

- Consultation with roofing companies and experts regarding the options available for corrective measures – on site discussions, examination of the roofing materials, and plan of action to prevent future penetration of water inside building.

- Consultation with local fire authority regarding the temporary adjustments being made to accommodate a return to service provision in the main reception area, and ensure life-saving equipment was functional and available.

- Ongoing and frequent discussions with health provider team from all program/service areas to ensure appropriate and effective access to services that could be made available – primary health care clinic availability was maintained on a daily basis, emergency outpatient services available to assist potential life-threatening situations with assessment and stabilization services, etc. The staff were very involved in planning and decision making at the ground level.

The current status and progress report includes the front main entrance being back in service to allow for all patients and clients to access services in the main reception area, laboratory and x-ray services are available, and several adjustments have been made to the patient flow within the building. Acute admissions currently remain unavailable, but efforts are ongoing to create safe environments within the entire building to allow for the re-implementation of this service as soon as possible. Emergency outpatient services are available, with the exception of small temporary disruptions due to the necessity to provide a resting period for the physician on-call.

The health region would like to extend its appreciation to the residents of the community and surrounding areas for their understanding as the current issues are being dealt with. Every attempt is being made to provide programs and services in safe environments and that is the priority of all measures being taken. As well, the health region applauds the dedicated efforts of the staff from Maple Creek’s acute, primary health care clinic, EMS, community health, home care, and long term care services for working together throughout this situation.

Additional updates will be made available as they are confirmed and will be posted on the health region’s website at and via Twitter @CypressHealth.

Organizations: Maple Creek Hospital

Geographic location: Maple Creek

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