Filson taking strong Liberal message across the riding

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In his second campaign in the Cypress Hills Grasslands Constituency, Liberal candidate Duane Filson said voters are taking a harder look at where the parties stand on a variety of issues.

"The feeling that I get when I talk to people at doors is that they are undecided. I think that they want a real reason to vote for a party rather than a reason to vote against somebody. And I really feel that is something that in this particular election the Liberal Party has offered that. I am very comfortable with our platform," Filson said before hitting the road for another campaign trip on Monday.

"Early childhood learning is an important thing for me as a former teacher. The opportunity to help students go to post-secondary education that is an important thing for me. The Old Age Security is a very important aspect of our Family Pac to give people a chance to enhance their retirement savings or to put money into their guaranteed income supplements or for seniors who need more cash to live. And the opportunity to look after family members in your home or their home, that is a real innovative idea that actually takes pressure off of some of the institutions that we have and the costs that are involved with looking after our senior citizens. I think that we have a real positive approach in that regard and yet there is also what we see as there is also what we see as an undefined root to surplus that that Conservatives have laid out just as we are going to tackle this deficit. Well, right after the last election they said they would never run a deficit. So I just don't see where there is a point of trust there in terms of how they are dealing with the economic situation that they had to deal with in terms of the recession and going forward how they are going to tackle those problems in a serious and responsible way that it is going to be presented properly to Parliament. Those are things that people are thinking about."

Filson said the start of the campaign has been extremely hectic, and he was planning a series of additional trips to share his message in Gull Lake and Shaunavon earlier in the week, and with a candidates forum in Assiniboia on April 26, he was then looking to wind up his campaign in Gravelbourg, Willow Bunch, Rockglen, Glentworth and Lafleche.

Geographic location: Gull Lake, Assiniboia, Gravelbourg Willow Bunch

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Recent comments

  • Andrew Scotterson
    April 23, 2011 - 23:28

    It is too bad the Liberals have no chance of winning seat in Saskatchewan, as Mr. Filson makes some strong points. The Conservatives promised No Deficit and No Surplus a mere 3 years ago. $100 Billion in deficit in 3 years (including a record $50 Billion in deficit the first year after last election) they apear to be wrong. Sure there was a recession, but that's no excuse, Harper also said "If there was going to a be a recession, it would be here already" We can all dislike Mr Ignatieff for being well travelled, and accomplished, but let's not forget the extent of Mr Harper's travels was to Toronto, where as a youth, he DROPPED OUT OF ECONOMICS. No wonder he was $100 Billion off. Canada is doing better than most, largely because of Ralph Goodale and Paul Martin's approach to banking legislation pre-Conservatives. Since the Liberals will not win in Saskatchewan, why not consider the NDP? Sure, no big tax breaks for corporations, BUT actually LOWER TAXES for small businesses than the Conservatives. Go figure. And it's not like the Conservatives are ANY good for the economy... or any good at predicting it!

  • Berry Tibbitt
    April 21, 2011 - 11:17

    Yes, Mr. Filson, the Liberals have a strong platform and the points you make are excellent. You also point out that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives cannot be trusted. I do not have enough space here to list the ways in which they have lied, misled and silenced any dissent but we all know that. It is time we had a strong and honest and caring Liberal government. I support you, Mr. Filson and wish you well in the campaign.