Voters urged to support pro-CWB candidates

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The Canadian Wheat Board Alliance has launched an advertising campaign urging Canadians to support family farmers on May 2 by voting for federal candidates that support the Canadian Wheat Board.

“The Canadian Wheat Board Alliance (CWBA) has members from across western Canada who understand the critical importance of our Canadian Wheat Board to the success of agriculture in the west” said Bill Gehl, CWBA chairperson and a grain farmer near Regina. “Farmers only make up two per cent of the population and we are spread over 57 western ridings. That is why we are using radio and print advertising to appeal directly to voters across the country to support our family farmers. The best way to do that in this election is to vote only for candidates and Parties that support the Canadian Wheat Board.”

“Our Wheat Board earns hundreds of millions of extra dollars from the marketplace for western Canadian farmers over and above what they would receive from the grain trade alone,” continued Gehl, “and the more money we receive from the marketplace the less we need to rely on non-farmer taxpayers—so supporting the Wheat Board is a win-win situation for both family farmers and Canadian taxpayers.”

The Canadian Wheat Board Alliance highlights that another win for people who like to eat comes with quality.

“We are the only farm community on the planet that sells its grain on the strength of its quality and our Wheat Board is essential for maintaining our global niche as the premier growers of high quality milling wheats and durum.  Our Board is also a major international supplier of the highest quality malting barley. Consumers around the world are willing to pay a premium for our grains and without our Board that quality advantage will be lost.”

They note that in an average year, the Wheat Board sells $5 to $7 billion worth of farmers’ grain and returns all of the money, after expenses, directly to farmers. 

“Unfortunately Stephen Harper is ideologically opposed to the Canadian Wheat Board, so he has launched an endless string of attacks and dirty tricks against the Board over the last five years. As farmers, we have decided to go over the head of the current Prime Minister and appeal directly to the voters of Canada.”

Organizations: Canadian Wheat Board Alliance

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