"White Money" scam reported in southern Saskatchewan

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The Saskatchewan RCMP would like to advise the public of a scam being reported in the province.  

The scam, often refereed to as the “white money” scam has recently been targeting Saskatchewan residents selling high price items. The scam typically involve cash only business deals, with the victims being enticed by the suspects to meet in person so they can be shown a large quantity of the money they will receive. The goal of the suspect is to have the victim part with legitimate money in exchange for worthless paper in future business deals with the suspects.

Potential victims are shown blank paper in the size of a bank note. The victim is told the money has been altered to conceal it or prevent theft. Suspects tell the victims that the “white money” needs to be subjected to a process to make it return to currency. “White money” paper may show indicators of real currency when passed under an ultraviolet light. The suspects often demonstrate a process in which two pieces of “white money” are put on either side of a legitimate bank note. The package is covered in powder, wrapped and pressure is applied. In both cases, the victim is distracted and through a sleight of hand exchange, real money is substituted for the “white money" in attempts to make the victim believe the blank paper can be converted to currency.

This scam has recently been reported in southern Saskatchewan but police believe the group operating this scam is transient. Previously in other provinces, businesses have also been targeted with similar scams. Education is the key to prevention.

The RCMP reminds Saskatchewan residents to be vigilant in watching for this scam. If you have been approached by individuals with "white money" for a large cash purchase or business deal, please contact your local RCMP detachment or police service.

The Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commercial Crime Section can be contacted for further information on this topic. The following websites contain information on current scams: www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/scams/index_e.htm or www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca.

Organizations: RCMP, Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commercial Crime Section

Geographic location: Southern Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan

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  • Dale Wilson - Alberta
    July 31, 2012 - 14:37

    Really? People actually fall for this? Gotta wonder about folks sometimes.