Platinum Blonde winning new fans with new material

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Chart topping 80s group Platinum Blonde will be at the Living Sky Casino on August 30.

Platinum Blonde, the chart dominating 80s Canadian new wave group, is aiming to pick up right where they left off when they took a hiatus a dozen years ago.

Platinum Blonde is playing at the Living Sky Casino tonight, riding high after releasing a new album last summer and gearing up for a major cross Canada 30th anniversary tour in 2014.

"It's great. It's like putting on a comfy boot. Everything still fits nicely," explained Platinum Blonde frontman Mark Holmes when asked what it is like touring together again. "I think coming together again felt really comfortable. You talk to a lot of bands that take some time apart and get back find out from them it's a pretty easy transition from the civilian life back into the Platinum Blonde military as it were."

Holmes said they are still getting an amazing fan reaction, even though their fans haven't seen them live for over a decade.

"To be honest we're playing bigger shows than we when we were together before, so things are working out really well. Huge crowds, and everybody's singing along to the new album."

They released the 12-track CD Now and Never in August of last year, with the single 'Beautiful' becoming the first Platinum Blonde single on the charts in two decades.

Platinum Blonde were Canadian music mainstays during the 80s, releasing a trio of platinum albums and a number of chart topping Canadian new wave anthems. They re-united in 2010 and without skipping a beat are back on stage performing their high energy standards.

Platinum Blonde exploded onto the music scene back in 1983 triple platinum release Standing In The Dark, which featured the hits Doesn't Really Matter and the title track Standing In The Dark.

They followed up with a five times platinum release Alien Shores in 1985, which contained the mega hit Crying Over You plus Situation Critical, Somebody Somewhere, and Hungry Eyes.

Their final release of the 80s was Contact, a triple platinum album that boasted the hit Contact. After their 1990 album Yeah Yeah Yeah the band members embarked on a series of solo projects.

While not all 80s music has held up over the years, Platinum Blonde continues to have a loyal following.

"You don't really know at the time when you're writing it if it's going to last forever or not, or something else is going to come along and make it irrelevant. We've been lucky enough to have our music relevant for some time."

Platinum Blonde was inducted into the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame in March 2010, which was a surreal experience for Holmes.

"I think we're far too young to be in any Hall of Fame at the moment. Maybe 10 years from now we can be in some other ones, but it felt really weird because generally you don't get inducted so soon in anyone's career."

Yet, Holmes admits he did not simply want to reunite in order to have a nostalgic tour.

"I think the new material is definitely influenced by the old material and made new. It seems to really fit seamlessly. It's working out very, very well."

The group received a boost when a recent remake of their 80s hit Not In Love was re-imagined by Crystal Castles (with The Cure lead singer Robert Smith providing the vocals), and the song reached the charts in five different countries in 2010.

"It was great. Listening to Robert Smith sing our track, what a compliment. It can't get better than that," he said of the remake.

That also may have steered some new fans their way.

"I'm very, very fortunate to be in a position where we're not just loved by our original supporters but feeling lots and lots of love from new ones as well. How they discovered us, or what route it took, I'm just very glad that they went down that road."

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  • Celeste
    September 21, 2013 - 02:06

    I think it's great that they're planning a 30th aniversary rerelease of Standing In The Dark. It gives those of us who weren't old enough the first time around a chance to listen to the things that we missed because of our age.