Drivers: Take caution this August long weekend

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Be mindful of construction zones and towed vehicles


The August long weekend is coming up which means increased traffic as motorists travel to various summer destinations including the family cottage, the beach, and other locales to visit family and friends. Most often, trailers, boats, and other types of recreational vehicles are being towed. Also during the summer, road crews are busy repairing highways and roads. Motorists must drive responsibly and remember to slow down to 60 kilometers per hour when passing highway construction zones, emergency vehicles or tow trucks that are assisting other motorists on our roads.

Here are few more safe driving tips from CAA Saskatchewan:

- Get plenty of rest before you head out for your long drive.  

- Plan your journey and be sure to include frequent stops (ideally every two hours) to stretch your muscles, give passengers a break, and get something to eat.

- Carry a cell phone or similar type of communications device with charger for use in case of emergencies.

- Do not drink and drive.

- Ensure all vehicle passengers wear seat belts and that child car seats are in working condition.

- Avoid distractions such as conversations with passengers, texting and driving, eating or drinking.

- Stay at least three to six seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. To determine this distance, the driver can choose a specific point on the road (tree, sign, etc.) and wait for the vehicle in front to pass it. When done, the driver counts the number of seconds it takes to reach the same point.


Drivers Towing a Trailer:

- Know the towing capacity of your vehicle. This information can be found in the vehicle owner’s manual.

- Review the owner’s manual for the trailer to determine the weight of the trailer. Make sure the weight of the trailer does not exceed the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. Never overestimate this capacity because a load that is too heavy could damage certain parts of the towing vehicle and pose a serious risk to the safety of other road users.

- Take into account the extra size and weight of the trailer when driving. Be extra cautious when changing lanes, accelerating or making turns, and especially when slowing down since the load being pulled will greatly affect the vehicle’s performance and could significantly increase the distance required to stop in case of an emergency.

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