Full Moon Festival facilitates health, wellness and abundant living

Elisabeth Dowson
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Swift Current embraced its first annual Full Moon Festival May 24-26, organized by Kamara Adams of Double Lotus and Christine Ciona of KIVA, offering intriguing workshops and alternative healthy lifestyle products and practices in a three-day festival of wellness and individual healing sessions.

One of the more compelling workshops featured the ‘sound of forever’ as Energy Therapist Wendy Hiltz conducted Eternal Sound Healing sessions using ancient Tibetan brass bowls.

“The bowls that I work with are ancient artifacts; they come from Tibet and I only buy them from a specific couple that trained me, and they’re in California. You can buy bowls. They’re mass-produced now, but the authentic ones, the healing quality ones, are very unique and ancient.”

During the sound healing process, Hiltz said the bowls virtually ‘transcribe’ a person’s energy, revealing regions of discord within the body by the way the bowl’s vibrational sound reverberates back to its source.

“Vibration is a sound that comes off the bowl when it’s struck, and everything that that sound wave encounters is altered by its environment. I play the bowls around her and I listen for the sounds that come off of the bowls. Sometimes the bowls will indicate a frenetic energy that needs to be released. Sometimes it indicates an area where she needs a little more support, maybe a little more grounding.

“The bowls tell me what they’re experiencing and then I use the techniques that I’ve learned to help establish a state of harmony in the body.”

Above and beyond the aspect of sound healing through vibration, the mellow tones of the Tibetan bowls are soothing in their own right, evoking a meditative state that enhances the healing of their vibrational energy.

The bowls are either stroked around the outside edge with a wooden or leather-wrapped mallet in a clockwise direction to induce a ‘song’, or gently tapped with the mallet to release a complex bell-like tone, with each bowl in the group adding its own notes to a transformational and ancient harmonic chorus.

“People are ready to live abundantly and to find new avenues for joy and happiness in their life,” said KIVA’s Christine Ciona. “The Full Moon Festival is just that opportunity. You don’t have to travel to a retreat centre half way around the world. You can experience this right here in your back yard.”

Geographic location: Swift Current

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