Music Festival winners recognized for dedicated practice

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Months of practice and preparations were celebrated at the Swift Current and District Music Festival's 2013 Xtravaganza and Awards Ceremony on May 5.

The gala celebration of the end of Swift Current's three-week long Music Festival included a series of showcase performances, plus presentations of festival awards to hundreds of music students.

A list of award winners as provided by the Swift Current and District Music Festival committee is as follows:


10 years and under

Primary Piano 1    Solo - Charis Israelson; Primary Piano 2 Solo - Beau Cornelson; Primary Piano 3 Solo - Darian Folks; Primary Piano 4 Solo - Kirsten Hanson; Primary Piano 5 Solo - Jesse Folks; Primary Piano 6 Solo - Jonathan Merkel;    Primary Piano 7 Solo - Lara Folks; Primary Piano 8 Solo - Kadey Patzer; Primary Piano 9 Solo - William Prescesky; Primary Piano 10 Solo - Stowe Francis.

Elementary Piano Solo

Test Piece & Recital - Colt Cornelson; Elementary Sonatina - Sage Francis; Canadian/Saskatchewan - Noah Israelson; 20th/21st, Pop, Contemporary - Tessa Beverly; Beginning Instruction (Any Age) - Angela Ryu; Piano Solo Sacred - Chet Reddekopp; Elementary Piano Duet - Chet and Payton Reddekopp.


Test Piece and Recital, Senior - Andrea Wall; Test Piece & Recital, Intermediate - Madisson Andrzejewski; Test Piece & Recital, Junior - Faith Wall; Sonata or Sonatina, Senior - Lia (Jungyun) Yun; Sonata or Sonatina, Intermediate - Presley Reddekopp; Sonata or Sonatina, Junior - Eya Urrizza; Canadian or Sask. Composer, Intermediate - Presley Reddekopp; Canadian or Sask. Composer, Junior - Payton Reddekopp; Bach & Baroque, Senior - Lia (Jungyun) Yun; Bach, Intermediate - Presley Reddekopp; Baroque, Junior/Elementary - Muxue Li; French, Spanish or Romantic, Senior - Presley Reddekopp; Sacred, Senior/Intermediate - Presley Reddekopp; Sacred, Junior/Elementary - Amber Sadden; Contemporary Idiom/Popular Music, Senior/Intermediate - Chloe Golden; Contemporary Idiom/Popular Music, Junior/Elementary - Muxue Li; Chopin, Senior - Nicole Garies; Conservatory Grade Pre,1,2,3,4, Any Age - Noah Israelson; Conservatory Grade 5,6,7,8, Any Age - Ben Cloutiers; Accompanist Class, Any Age - Payton Reddekopp; Vicky Gray Memorial - Presley Reddekopp.


Primary Vocal 1, Solo - Dylan Sletten; Primary Vocal 2, Solo - Amber Hansen; Primary Vocal 3, Solo - Darian Folks.

Music gift certificates - Reddekopp Family and Folks Family.


Most Promising Junior - Arianna Plett.

Senior Most Promising - Caitlyn Ursaki.

Senior Most Distinguished - Timothy Lenko.

Recital and Art Song, Senior - Timothy Lenko

Recital, Art Song and Test Piece, Intermediate - Brennan Schommer; Recital, Art Song and Test Piece, Junior - Cole Anderson; Recital, Art Song and Test Piece, Elementary - Justine Sletten.

Canadian or Saskatchewan, Intermediate - Emily Bugera; Canadian or Saskatchewan, Junior - Arianna Plett; Canadian or Saskatchewan, Elementary - Payton Reddekopp.

Folk Song, Intermediate - Erin Hughes; Folk Song, Junior - Presley Reddekopp; Folk Song, Elementary - Hailey Folks.

Sacred, Intermediate - Erin Hughes; Sacred, Junior - Ainma Ambion.

Vocal Duet, Junior and Elementary - Presley and Payton Reddekopp; Musical Theatre Duet, Any Age - Timothy Lenko and Presley Reddekopp; Musical Theatre, Elementary - Justine Sletten; Musical Theatre, Junior - Arianna Plett; Musical Theatre, Intermediate - Kurtis Pratt; Musical Theatre, Senior - Caitlyn Ursaki.

Youth Choral, 19 and under - SCCHS Chamber Singers.

Summer Camp Recommends: Intermediate - Kurtis Pratt and Erin Hughes; Junior - Presley Reddekopp; Elementary - Justine Sletten.


Guitar Solo, Intermediate - Ben Cloutier; Guitar Solo, Junior - Tim Cloutier; Guitar Solo, Elementary - Rory Neustaeter; Primary, 10 years and under - Darian Folks; Duet/Ensemble, any age - Ben and Tim Cloutier.


Woodwind Solo, Elementary - Naomi Derksen; Woodwind/Brass Solo, first year instruction - Aleah Nickel; Woodwind/Brass Solo, Elementary - Tessa Beverly; Woodwind/Brass Solo, second or third year instruction - Anthony Merkel; Primary Solo, 10 years and under - Aiden Burns; Percussion, junior-elementary - Payton Reddekopp.; Woodwind Solo - Test Piece and Recital, Intermediate - Hannah Derksen; Woodwind Solo - Test Piece and Recital, Junior - Amber Sadden; Brass Solo - Test Piece and Recital, Intermediate - Brennan Schommer; Brass Solo Test Piece and Recital, Junior - Presley Reddekopp; Woodwind/Brass Solo General, Intermediate - Hannah Derksen; Woodwind/Brass Solo - Concerto, Intermediate - Brennan Schommer; Woodwind/Brass Solo Sonata, Junior - Olivia Orthner; Woodwind/Brass Solo General, Junior - Olivia Orthner; Duets and Small Ensembles, Intermediate - Rocio Villagran-Becerra and Amber Sadden


Large Ensembles - Southside Senior Jazz Band; Large Ensemble - St. Joseph's Grade 7/8 Band; Large Ensemble, High School - SCCHS Woodwind Grade 9 #1 Large Ensemble; Large Ensemble - Irwin Grade 8 Concert Band; Band, Large Ensemble - Fairview Gr. 7-8 Concert Band; Band, Large Ensemble - Prairie West Senior Band.


Saskatchewan Orchestral Certificates: Beginner - Lara Folks; Elementary - Hailey Folks; Junior - Joshua Dyck; Intermediate - Sierra Francis; Senior - Esther Derksen.

Concerto/Sonata, Senior - Austin Castle; Bach and Baroque, Senior - Austin Castle; Recital/18th and 19th Century, Senior - Austin Castle; Baroque and Test Piece, Intermediate - Sierra Francis; Recital and Repertoire, Intermediate - Sierra Francis; Canadian and Fiddle, Intermediate - Alishia Beach; Recital and Repertoire, Junior - Rocio Villagran-Beccerra; Canadian and Fiddle, Junior - Joshua Dyck; Baroque and Test Piece, Elementary - Rebecca Treen; Recital and Repertoire, Elementary - Hailey Folks; Canadian and Fiddle, Elementary - Courtlyn Hope; Beginning Instruction, Any Age - Aspen Thomson; 2nd and 3rd Year Instruction, Any Age - Haden Harrison; String Duets, Any Age - Keanna Friesen/Amanda Thoreson; String Ensembles, Any Age - Strings 'N Things.

Primary, 10 and under - Lara Folks; Primary, 10 and under - Jenna Reddekopp; Primary, 10 and under - Keanna Friesen.

Most Promising Senior - Esther Derksen; Most Distinguished Senior - Austin Castle.


Elementary Vocal Speech, Solo, 12 and under - Rory Neustaeter; Primary Vocal Speech, Solo, 10 and under - Laticia Beaulieu; Primary Vocal Speech, Solo, 10 and under - Paxton Neustaeter.

Elementary School - Choral Speech, Kindergarten to Grade 6 - Central School, Ms. Davey's Grade 4 Class.

Elementary School Choral Speech, Grade 3 to 5 - Ecole Oman Elementary School Mr. Rolheiser's Grade 3/4 Class; Mme. Corrigal's Grade 3/4 FI Class.

Elementary School Choral Speech, Kindergarten to Grade 2 - Ecole Oman Elementary School, Mme. Cornelson Maternelle p.m.; Mme. Harvey's Grade 2 French Immersion.

Elementary School Chorus, Kindergarten to Grade 6 - Wymark School, Mrs. Harcourt's Grade 4/5 Class.

Elementary School Chorus, Kindergarten to Grade 6 - St. Patrick's School Choir.

Elementary School Chorus, Kindergarten to Grade 6 - Central School Grade 3/4/5 Choir.


School Recorder - Amber Hanson, Chloe Hess, Aspen Thompson and Stephanie Saemann.

Duets/Small Ensemble, Primary - Amber Hanson and Jenna Sabine.

Large Ensemble, Primary - Central School Grade 5 Recorder Ensemble.

Mixed Ensemble, Central School, Mr. Reiter Gr. 5 Ensemble.


Recommended to 2013 Provincial Finals: Austin Castle; Presley Reddekopp; Brennan Schommer; Hannah Derksen; Timothy Lenko; Kurtis Pratt; SCCHS Chamber Singers.

Organizations: Swift Current and District Music Festival

Geographic location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan

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