West Bank adds corn maze for summer and fall fun

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The valley home of West Bank Bible Camp now boasts a new attraction as a corn maze utilized all summer by campers now open for use by the public.

As the camp season winds down, West Bank is offering a fun challenge for visitors by opening their 18 acre corn maze for anyone willing to negotiate a challenge. They have set up a donation box for visitors and are asking for a $2 donation for each participant.

"We've been using it at West Bank here all summer. All the kids have been running through it. Every day there's kids in it. Now we want to make sure the public gets a shot at it," Camp Director Jerry Dennill said following a tour of the maze.

The maze is a fun challenge, with the tallest stands of corn are over 2.4 meters (eight feet) high, with another 30 centimeters (one foot) of growth expected over the coming weeks. Dennill cut the maze pattern when the field was 30 centimeters high, but he continues to refine the pathways so the maze remains a challenge.

"I have been pretty tricky on making some deceptive routes. Without any help it's going to take you a half hour for sure to walk through it, and if you can't pick up on all the clues maybe even 45 minutes."

The maze is located on the Martens' Ranch property adjacent to the camp, with the Martens' donating the use of the land and planting the field. Dennill said the maze became a reality also thanks to Paterson Grain donating the seed and Pioneer Co-op contributing the fertilizer.

"We're looking forward to running it right through to the end of October or November," he said.

West Bank Bible Camp is located northeast of Swift Current, 23 kilometers north on Highway #4 and 10 kilometers east along the Leinan Road to reach the ranch gate.

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