Chinook Regional Science Fair projects advance to Canada-Wide event

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For the second straight year O.M. Irwin School student Jordan Funk will have an opportunity to present a project at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

The Grade 8 student won the best overall project at the Chinook Regional Science Fair and is one of two projects to advance to the national event in Windsor, Ontario this May.

Funk had a successful debut at last year's Canada-Wide Science Fair, capturing a bronze medal in the Junior Innovation division for his project You Can’t Beat Free Heat.

Funk's regional winning project this year was entitled Heat Recovery System-New Snow Melt Solution, and the project utilized the heat from household waste water to melt snow and ice from a driveway.

In his project he fabricated a coiled copper pipe around the main drain pipe to conduct heat.

"Once all the heat is conducted onto that it goes through your driveway in a coil design, and as it goes through there it heats up and eventually melts your snow."

He did three tests of the system, including one test conducted in -40 Celsius conditions which melted snow off a test pad within 20 minutes. A second test at -20 completely melted snow and ice from the test pad within 20 minutes.

"This is a big plus," he said of the idea. "Especially for elderly people who have back or neck troubles who can't shovel."

"Commercial buildings like hotels and restaurants use a lot of hot water. You could also install this in there driveway to melt it off to avoid shovelling."

Funk admitted he learned a lot from his 2013 trip to the Canada Wide Science Fair in Lethbridge.

"The main thing that all the judges look for is just the creativity of the idea. If you get a good idea that's probably the hardest part, but one of the most important parts as well. It's a good solid foundation to start on."

Hazlet School Grade 10 student Mattea Heck will be making her Canada-Wide Science Fair after claiming second at the regional science fair with her project "Do You Feel The Burn?".

Her project looked the the impact of phosphate fertilizer on corn crops, testing a variety of application rates and then determining the environmental and yield effects.

"I'm really happy. It turned out well and proved some of the results I wanted," she admitted while explaining the project.

"The fourth plant that I grew the fertilizer amount I put on was 600 pounds per acre, and it really stunted its growth. So it's really not good to over fertilize."

The project also triggered some additional questions she is curious to learn the answers for.

"I think the effects of the pH level with over fertilizing. The pH level went down with over fertilizing, which is really interesting to me. And I'm going to talk more about that with an Agronomist and some research people."

Saskatchewan Chinook Regional Science Fair 2014

First Place Overall in the Science Fair

Jordan Funk - “Heat Recovery System-New Snow Melt Solution” (Irwin).

Second Place Overall in the Science Fair

Mattea Heck - “Do You Feel the Burn?” (Hazlet).

Third Place Overall in the Science Fair

Liam Paradis - “Robotics in Everday Life” (St. Joes).

Fourth Place Overall in the Science Fair

Devon Sletten and Brandon Dewar - “A Brighter Future” (Hazlet).



Jordan Funk - “Heat Recovery System-New Snow Melt Solution” (Irwin).

Sara Cronan - “Ice Breaker” (St. Joe’s).

Liam Paradis - “Robotics in Everyday Life” (St. Joe’s).

Danika Messer - “Clock’s On, Caps Off” (Fairview).


Raisa Stadnyk and Ava Eichel - “Hello, My Name Is…” (St. Joe’s).

Katherine Doell and Madison Mortensen - “Loop, Whorl, Arch” (Fairview).

Dalton Chalk and Partner - “Mini Windmill” (Fairview).

Sara Neufeld and Partner - “The Power of Gravity” (Fairview).

Toru Iwaasa - “Is There Really a Superpoop for Biogas?” (Fairview).

Rhett Popp and Mickalie Nicholson - “Float Your Boat” (St. Joe’s).


Braelynn Heck and Chelsea Wilson - “Dog vs Bacteria” (Hazlet).

Ryland Hornung and Partner - “Artificial and Natural Light” (Fairview).

Michael Orthner - “Did you Hear That?” (Success).

Ashley Keith - “Moisturizer” (Ponteix).

Alex Ludlow - “Microwaved Boiled Water Plant” (St. Joe’s).

Austin Giesbrecht - “Teeth Whitening Harmful or Effective” (Fairview).

Cassandra Benson - “Horoscope Truth or Lie” (Hazlet).

Kiera Rackow and Amanda Thoreson - “Do Different Liquids Make Beans Grow at Different Paces” (Irwin).



Mattea Heck - “Do You Feel the Burn” (Hazlet).


Maria Flores - “Sol-Can” (Hazlet).


Kealy Schultz and Dakota Cooke - “Twirl, Whirl, Hurl” (Hazlet).

Honourable Mention

Jesse Koethler - “Genius & Autism: Is There a Connection?” (Success).



Devon Sletten and Brandon Dewar - “A Brighter Future” (Hazlet).


Jim Sadden and Jil Doyle - “Quantum Interference” (Ponteix).


Sidney Stock and Jordyn Becker - “How Cellphones Effects the Body” (Hazlet).

Honourable Mention

Cheyenne Schulze and Demi Phillips - ”How Does Diet Affect Ph Levels?” (Hazlet).

Saskatchewan Regional Science Fair Special Awards

Agriculture in the Classroom – Portable Device Chargers: Dalton Chalk and Partner- “Mini Windmill” (Fairview).

Saskatchewan Outdoor Environment Education Association Award of $50: Maria Flores- “Sol-Can” (Hazlet).

Puzzle Winners: Samantha Froude (Fairview), Nadine Steinley (Fairview), Zoe Foster (Fairview).

Science Olympics Winners:

Morning: Robyn Morgan (Kincaid), Phillip Dyck (Kincaid), Shevonne Ward (Kincaid), Erin Gavelin (Kincaid).

Afternoon: Michael Orthner (Success), Mickalie Nicholson (St. Joes), Hope Dyck (St. Joes).

Organizations: Canada-Wide Science Fair, Chinook Regional Science Fair

Geographic location: Canada, Windsor, Saskatchewan Swift Current

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