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Trent Wagner - Managing Your Money

Emotional Investing - The Road to Financial Ruin - It’s a fact: Emotional investing doesn’t pay, it costs. Market study after market study has clearly proven that when investors are driven by emotions – jumping into and out of stocks looking for the next winner, pouring money into mutual funds following a period of strong market growth, and then moving to the next ‘hot’ asset class during market troughs – they often lose, and sometimes lose big. Here’s an example: In 1999, the Canadian equities market jumped a spectacular 31.7 per cent, prompting a lot of investors to hop on board in the year 2000. Over the next two years, the market went negative, declining by over 12% in each of those two years and many of those ‘heat seeking’ investors bailed out. So, not only did they miss the big jump of 1999, they also absorbed large losses when they cashed out. However, had those investors stayed invested for the entire 1999-2007 period they would have enjoyed overall returns of close to 30 per cent.* And that brings us to one of the prime rules for investing success: Trying to time the market or a stock almost never works. But time in the market does by delivering better overall returns – especially when you couple your long-term stay the course strategy with: Effective asset allocation: Markets are always volatile to some degree or another – it’s in their nature – but with a carefully selected and properly diversified ‘mix’ of assets, you can effectively reduce risk, and enhance your chances of achieving your…

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Scott Anderson - A little Boost

Resolution time - If you haven't yet broken your 2014 New Year's Resolution, or if you haven't made one yet, the first week of Swift Current's Centennial year might be a good time to resolve to make a positive impact on yourself and your community.The turning of the calendar is a traditional time to make obvious resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, and to save money for something special. These are all worthwhile endeavours, and people should be saluted for the willpower it takes to tackle these personal goals.In an era of big screen televisions and tablets and high speed internet, it is easy to get out of the healthy habits we often should be striving for.The year 2014 might be a chance to include one simple extra resolution in Swift Current - make a difference in your community.This could be a simple one-time gesture of goodwill like shovelling your neighbours sidewalk or picking up blowing garbage on your street. It is not too hard to buy a coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru, and certainly one of Swift Current's more endearing qualities of simple kindness.You could also think about making a difference by working as a volunteer, getting out to support the many cultural and athletic activities as a spectator, or making a conscious decision to shop local instead of making shopping excursions out of the region.If you do not have the time you can certainly make a financial contribution to your favourite charity or cause, as many organizations and agencies regularly have to…

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